…a world where all the people (including you), start each day exc!ted about life.


in the midst of the abundant and
creative coexistence of all humanity.


a deep sense of dynamic fulfillment,
meaningfulness and integrity.

We all want


But most of us experience the effects of chronic self-misalignment:



Unfulfilling relationships




We are not talking about thousands of people living that way.

Not even millions.

But hundreds of millions —if not billions— of human beings around the world.

million people of all ages suffer from depression
(World Health Organization, 2012)


Divorce rate in the U.S.


Divorce rate in Belgium


of people disconnected from their workplaces
(Gallup, 2013)

people die of suicide every year — 1 every 40 seconds
(World Health Organization, 2015)

Here’s the thing…

Happiness is a by-product —not an end in and of itself— of present-moment alignment with our True Self.

So it’s not happiness that we need to aim for.

It’s personal

Alignment, Expansion,
& Authenticity

We dare to say that our next big challenge as a civilization is not to provide basic abundance to all of humanity —we’re on the path towards meeting that reality.

The Next
BIG Thing

is in creating a world that fosters, enables and supports individual alignment, expansion and self-actualization for all 7+ billion of us, as we all embrace our diversity and learn to evolve in creative coexistence.

For this, we need

A Common

with the power to bring us closer. And to spark the next stages of our cultural, economic, technological and political global evolution.

A built-in language in everyone, even though it’s currently dormant for too many.

We believe


to be that common language.

Because true exc!tement is the emotional signal of our alignment to our individual true essence.

And it’s not just an emotional phenomenon. It’s a spiritual one.

Powered by higher intelligence.

Exc!tement is not only

The Compass

that points to our individuated true north…

Exc!tement is the ultimate

Driver, Enhancer
& Optimizer

of human advancement.

That’s why integrity-based exc!tement-centered living, entrepreneuring and consumerism, is

The Key

to self-actualization, to a thriving world, and to an enlightened civilization.

But true exc!tement, as an ethic and even

A Pragmatic Way of Living

is not mainstream. Yet.

We intend to change that.

Our vision for The Exc!tement Movement is for it to become a global, co-created, and multilingual expansion of consciousness initiative.

With one

Core Purpose

To enable humanity’s most brilliant future by accelerating the advent of an exc!tement-centered civilization

To nurture a global society where integrity-based exc!tement is at the core of how personal living, parenting, education, business, economics, politics and spirituality, are played out.

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